Being Confident about Being a "Health Freak"


I’d choose kale and kombucha over flowers and wine any day. Why? Because according to societal norms, I’m weird! But I’m proud of “fitting out”, and you should be too! And what exactly is "fitting-out"? It's a term that is preached at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I completed my health coaching certification. It simply means the opposite of "fitting-in". It means being confident in who you are and what you love, even if you're breaking societal norms.

I remember when I first went vegan over eight years ago, and when I started to become the “health freak” that I am today. A lot of my friends didn’t understand why I all of a sudden didn’t want to eat pizza (unless it was raw vegan cashew cheese pizza), or why I stopped drinking, or why I wanted to go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 5am to run. Oh and the cashiers at the grocery store for sure didn’t understand why I’d buy 20 pounds of bananas at a time - “no, I’m not making banana bread.. I’m just eating bananas"!

I remember feeling a bit awkward at first because our lifestyles and mealtimes tend to bond us as humans. My ego got me scared of being a “social outcast”. I really no longer “fit in”. But I soon learned to not care what others think! You see, if you’re living in a way that makes you feel amazing, and you’re doing good for the planet, and you’re passionate about your lifestyle, and you’re buzzing with confidence and joy... no one is going to question you. And if you’re being your authentic self, you give others permission to be their authentic selves too.

Oh and when you’re being “yourself”, you might just meet people who are like you too... people you wouldn’t have met if you were too busy hanging onto a lifestyle that no longer served you. And then... hey! All of a sudden your “fit in” once again anyway. This definitely happened to me. I kept being myself, and I attracted people who were interested in the same things as me. Had I not shared what I loved and what made me thrive and glow with happiness, I wouldn't have found the wellness community that I have today. Your vibe really does attract your tribe. So be yourself, and you’ll attract weirdos just like you (or you’ll just convert your existing tribe into weirdos too).

What makes you “weird”?

Own it. And be the superhero you truly are.


Lots of love,