The Car Buffer Massage

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A few months ago, I purchased a car buffer. And no, it was not to buff my car. The alternate use that I found for this buffer absolutely changed my life! What exactly do I do with this car buffer? I use it to buff my sore muscles - especially during half-marathon training. And how on earth did I find out about car buffer massages? I have a friend who went to a music festival in California and found a car buffer massage station. He then went up the coast to Portland, shared what he had discovered, and found out that people there too had car buffers for massage therapy. Maybe it’s a West Coast thing?

After looking into it a bit more, I found that many trainers and kinesiologists are actually using car buffers with their clients.  There are some new vibrating foam rollers and massage devices on the market such as the Hypervolt. The vibration technique used is claimed to help relax store and stiff muscles, improve mobility, promote circulation, and accelerate warm-up and recovery. This therapeutic vibration is what makes the car buffer so effective as well. And what’s amazing is that car buffers are only $40 or $50, whereas massage therapy and self-massage tools can be hundreds of dollars.

How do you use the car buffer as a massage tool? It’s simple! Plug the buffer in and rub it along your arms, legs, back, and even your glutes! It does such an amazing job at releasing tension. I especially love using it for my IT bands. I love running, so this area of my legs tends to get very tight. The car buffer completely gets rid of any tension or pain I get from running. This self-massage tool actually exceeded my expectations! I honestly feel so light, free, and painless after using it. You need to try it yourself!

Have you ever heard of car buffer massages? Have you ever tried a car buffer massage? If you haven’t yet, go out and get one now! And share your experience in the comments below!

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PS – This is not sponsored by the car buffer industry… If they only knew how valuable these contraptions were, they would definitely increase the prices!