Smoothie Tour of Miami Beach

Do you have plans to visit Miami Beach anytime soon?! I had never been before I hopped on a plane from Toronto to Miami in January, and their selection of healthy restaurants and juice bars actually exceeded my expectations! I mapped out all of the healthy restaurants and found the best vegan juices, smoothies, and kombuchas. If you’re ever in Miami Beach, you’ve got to check these places out!


DIRT is a great place to get a quick smoothie or bite to eat. The decor is modern and trendy, and it has tons of vegan and vegetarian options. It's a great place to bring your laptop and do some work, or go for a casual lunch with friends. I tried the Defence Smoothie, which has tons of berries and tastes amazing! I also tried the Gold X Innergy Smoothie. This one has a lot of turmeric, so you might want to ask them to go light on the turmeric if you’re not a huge turmeric fan. This smoothie is really cool though because it includes a free meditation at Innergy with each purchase. I was very excited about this because Innergy has classes that use the Muse Meditation Headband, which I had been meaning to try for a long time.

IMG_5750 2.JPG

2. Under the Mango Tree

Under the Mango Tree is a vegetarian juice bar that has tons of vegan options. It has a very warm, homey, welcoming environment. They have a few tables and couches for seating, and a wall full of products such as essential oils and superfoods. Their menu includes so many smoothie bowls! If you’re looking for an acai or pitaya bowl, definitely go here! I tired the pink dragon and hulk smoothies. They were both amazing! The pink dragon had dragon fruit in it, which is so much fun because it creates such a rich pink colour.


3. Lilikoi

Lilikoi has a huge menu with tons of vegan and vegetarian options. They’re committed to using the freshest local and organic ingredients. The restaurant itself is very big too! It has high ceilings and a very open atmosphere. They also have seating outside. Since they’re so committed to serving local food, they have a local Komubhca brand on tap: Counter Culture Kombucha. The flavour always changes, but they had a ginger one when I went, which was amazing because ginger is my favorite!


4. Plant Theory

Plant Theory is a 100% vegan, organic, local and responsibly grown restaurant. They have tons of raw vegan options as well! It was a little confusing to find the restaurant because it’s in the Whitelaw Hotel, but once you find the hotel, just make your way to the patio on the north side to be seated. I got their kombucha on tap, and it tasted like apple pie! It was so amazing! I also tried their Ancient Chinese Secret smoothie which had goji berries, strawberries, and mangos. That was one of my favourite smoothies of the trip! The goji berries gave it an awesome flavour.


5. Joe and the Juice

Joe and the Juice was started in Copenhagen in 2002. It’s now a global chain which apparently hires only “cool hunky guys and promotes a very bro culture”. This is pretty interesting because I’m not sure that I got the bro culture vibe from the South of 5th location in Miami Beach. It was definitely hip and trendy though. I loved taking my laptop there to work. It had great nutrient dense vegan juices, tons of space, and fun music. If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or digital nomad in need of a workspace, definitely go to Joe and the Juice. They also have a weekly Tuesday evening run which is a great place to meet other health conscious people!


6. plnthouse

I thought I had heard of every superfood before I went to plnthouse! I love this place because it has such unique healthy ingredients. I got the Cacao Green Smoothie bowl with gluten-free cacao granola, and It was packed with superfoods: banana, avocado, dates, cashew butter, spinach, cacao nibs, maca, tocos, moringa, vitamineral greens, hemp powder, MCT oil, and anandamide. It was pretty rich, but tasted amazing. It was also a higher price point at $24USD, but was definitely worth it! The ingredients are very high quality, and it’s a must-eat-at place since the mastermind behind this restaurant is Matthew Kenney, the plant-based chef and creator of Plant Food + Wine in Wynwood, Miami. You’ll also love the atmosphere of this plnthouse; It’s bright, open, beachy, breezy, luxiourious, and absolutely stunning. It’s located in the 1 Hotel South Beach, so it’s a little difficult to find. You can simply ask the front desk for directions though. The people who work at 1 Hotel are extremely friendly!

IMG_4153 2.JPG

7. Lido Bayside Grill

The Lido Bayside Grill was my absolute favourite place in Miami. It’s located in The Standard Spa on Belle Isle. The Standard Spa is described as less of a “hotel” and more of a “spa with guest rooms”. It had tons of gardens with hammocks, trendy chairs, and outdoor tubs. It felt almost like a community, and not a hotel! It had a creative, hip, trendy, co-working/living space vibe to it. When you walk through the gardens and past the rooms, you’ll reach the pool, patio, and the Lido Bayside Grill restaurant. The restaurant is located right on the water, so the view is absolutely stunning. The menu has some great vegan options, and the green smoothie is amazing! It has such amazing flavour! The Lido is so unique, and I highly recommend checking it out. Maybe even stay there during your trip to Miami Beach!


If you’re a health freak like me, you’ll definitely feel at home in Miami Beach! If you’re simply looking to explore the health food world a bit more, Miami Beach is the place to do it! All of these places really added a lot to my stay. And these are just the spots on Miami Beach! I’ll be posting about restaurants in downtown Miami when I go back for the Integrative Nutrition conference this April. Know anyone else who is interested in going to Miami Beach?! Be sure to share this post with them so they know where to fuel there superpowers! Let's inspire as many people as possible to live healthy, happy, superhero lives!

Lots of love,