Is anyone else out there an “overachiever” or “a-type” kind of person? I have a history of being a “workaholic”. So much so that I fractured my spine when I was 19, and still went to my business school classes. I’d take a cab to campus with a pillow in my hand, and take the elevator up one flight of stairs. I was determined. When my spine was healed, I pushed myself even harder, and I ended up hospitalized again... this time with shingles at age 22!

To me, work meant stress. If I wasn’t in a constant state of “fight or flight”, that meant I wasn’t working hard enough. I had to stay up later, work harder, take on more projects. Do more, more, more!

But what was I thinking?! Life is supposed to be fun. And your work is supposed to be fun too because it’s part of your life! You don’t need to be under insanely high stress to achieve your career goals. Health is true wealth. And to create monetary wealth, you need your health. Working from a space of ease is more sustainable, and will bring you long-term success. You produce better results when your body is healthy, you have a clear mind, and you have tons of energy to share with the world. & you need your health and vitality to enjoy your successes too!

So how to avoid crazy workaholic burnout? FUEL PROPERLY.

How? By fuelling with these Superhero Six:

1. Food fuels you. The more plant-based whole foods you eat, the less dietary stress you have, & the more fun, fulfilling projects & activities you can take on with all of your energy.

2. Movement fuels you. Your body is meant to move! Find a form of exercise that you enjoy. The key word here is enjoy!

3. Relationships fuel you. According to Harvard’s 80 year longevity study, relationships are the number one predictor of health and happiness. We all need love!

4. Your career fuels you. Do something that lights you up. Whatever it is. Does being an artist light you up? Go for it. Does being a banker light you up? Go for it. Does serving at a cafe on the beach light you up? Go for it.

5. Rest & “me-time” fuels you. We all need to recharge! One of my favourite quotes is “learn to rest, not quit”. Resting will make you productive.

6. Your spirit & mindset fuel you. You are so powerful. Every thought you have is creating your reality. You get to write the story of your life. So write an amazing one. One where you are nourished, healthy, energized, productive, inspired, and loving (to yourself and to others).

These six forms of fuel are what helped me regain my superpowers after burning myself out! And remember, you don’t have to be on your health journey alone. That’s something I wish I knew sooner. Always feel free to reach out to me if you need me as your personal sidekick. I’m here for you always! And hey - the journey is more fun together!

Have fun fuelling! 


Lots of love,