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Hey! It's Alessandra, and I'll be your sidekick on this journey!

I created this program with you in mind. Why? Because you are so worthy of thriving! You have so many amazing gifts and talents to share with the world. You have dreams and ideas to turn into a reality. But to do this – to do anything in life and to really enjoy it – you need your energy, you need confidence, and you need to be healthy!

You don’t have time for problems such as fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, breakouts, and weight gain. You don’t have time for anything that drains your energy and confidence! That’s why I’m here to be your sidekick. I’m here to help you let go of those habits that have been draining you, and to guide and support you in fueling through holistic plant-based living. It's my mission to help you thrive!

Through this coaching program, I will help you:
✓ Increase your energy
✓ Reduce bloating and improve your digestion
✓ Clear up your skin
✓ Reach and maintain your ideal weight
✓ Learn to listen to your body and manage cravings mindfully
✓ Create a customized plan for eating more whole plant-based foods
✓ Optimize your productivity
✓ Increase your confidence
✓ Create a life you love


Success from this program is based on three main principles:

#1 Plant-Based Foods

I'll teach you how to incorporate healthy plant-based foods into your diet in a way that works for your bioindividual needs.

#2 Lifestyle Fuel

I'll show you how to nourish yourself through lifestyle factors such as exercise, relationships, your career, rest, play, and your mindset.

#3 Accountability & Action

I'll keep you accountable to your word. Knowledge is power, but action produces results. I'll help you stay commited to your goals.


You're about to start authentically nourishing yourself in all areas of life. You're about to adopt a new unstoppable mindset, and let go of limiting beliefs. You're about to build sustainable habits that help you gain the energy and confidence you need for an extraordinary life!


What you'll get:

  • Bi-weekly 50-minute coaching calls for 3 months (6 sessions total)
  • Unlimited email and text correspondence in-between sessions
  • Homework and reading assignments to keep you focused and growing
  • Session notes and personalized action plans
  • Freedom to share anything you want
  • Guidance, support, and accountability

Outcomes of the program:

  • Improved energy, digestion, skin, weight, and confidence
  • The ability to listen to your body and identify what works for you
  • A fun and loving relationship with food, exercise, and yourself
  • The ability to navigate cravings mindfully
  • Knoweldge of how to efficiently cook and shop for healthy foods
  • Long-term habits that support sustainable health

How it works:

  • During your free Health Consultation, we review your health history and goals
  • During your first session, we set an in-depth vision and long-term goals
  • During each session, we set goals, work through challenges, and celebrate progress
  • We have a bi-weekly coaching call via phone or Skype
  • After each session, I send you session notes, your custom action plan, and readings/assignments
  • You can text or email me at anytime for ongoing support


When Alessandra and I first started working together, my biggest challenge was most definitely self-discipline. When we had conversations, I always left very inspired and motivated.. but it took me a while to start applying what we had spoken about into everyday rituals. I learnt how necessary it is to have patience when transforming and shifting everyday routines into healthier realms. I also learnt about bio-individuality, which allowed me to release much of the shame I was holding within me about being unable to have a holistic lifestyle. I was comparing myself to other folx, which was becoming toxic to my self-confidence and overall wellbeing. Everyone has different paths and ways of learning and adapting to the needs of their own bodies! Alessandra helped me by being so supportive! I was so embarrassed when we spoke about some of my unhealthy habits, but Alessandra is a great listener and holds absolutely zero judgment, which made me feel really comfortable. She offered wonderful tips, advice and put together really great pieces of feedback and resources at the end of each session. She also checked in, which was motivating! I would 10000% recommend Alessandra as a coach. She’s firstly, incredibly passionate about holistic wellbeing and everything that comes with it. This is very inspiring. Not to mention she is dedicated, super professional, approachable, kind and a great listener! And she knows her shit!!!! Alessandra helped me to quit smoking for a month and half, which is something I haven’t been able to do in about a decade. She shifted my perspective on wellbeing as a practice to continue nurturing… and I’m so grateful!Alexia B.

When I started coaching with Alessandra, my biggest challenge was that I felt extremely lost. I knew I could do better, but I could not find direction in my life. I now have a better vision for my future. I think the best part of Alessandra’s coaching is that she really cares about me as a person. Unlike other health coaching, which focus only on food or exercise, Alessandra’s coaching focuses on the whole picture. This really helped me link different pieces of my life together. I’ve learned many valuable things while working with Alessandra: I learned more about myself, I became more aware of my behaviours, and I became more disciplined. When I first started the coaching program, I was unemployed, very stressed out about finding a job, and eating a whole lot of junk food... I was struggling! Alessandra helped me identify the core reasons for my eating patterns - I realized that what I was really craving was security and financial stability. With this new self-awareness, I learned how to navigate cravings mindfully, and to shop for healthier foods, even with a limited budget. I also saw major improvements in my coffee addiction - I used to drink 3 cups per day. I now only have the occasional half cup, and drink peppermint tea instead. My physical activity has become more disciplined as well, and I found the right form of movement for me. I now start each day with a yoga practice, which makes me feel great! Alessandra is really good at breaking down emotions into more specific details. I do believe that every unhealthy behavior is because of an unproductive mental pattern or lack of motivation. Once I gained more self-awareness, I gained more control of my habits and therefore of my results. In addition, Alessandra is very knowledgeable and resourceful. She provided me with great yoga practice suggestions, meditation materials, and amazing recipes. She also recommended events that I could attend in my area. I would highly recommend Alessandra as a coach. She can provide you with both of professional and personal support. She’ll never impose a solution on you, but she leads you to find the answers for yourself, empowers you to live your own truth, and guides you to achieve your goals. Amy L.

When starting my journey with Alessandra, I really wanted to find “ease,” to naturally choose more healthy options on a daily basis, and to rediscover myself. Alessandra was thoughtful, compassionate and committed to helping me achieve these goals. Not only did she fully listen and support me, but she also challenged my perspectives in ways that were effortlessly life changing. One major change was enabling me to challenge myself and leave a job I did not love. I am so excited that this new alignment has led me to discover a job in an industry that I am truly passionate about! My life feels so much more wholesome: I am easily choosing actions that make me feel more and more healthy as each day goes by, I am way more present with all of my interactions, and am even proud to announce that through her coaching I have reignited my own love for the world of health and am now enrolled to become a certified holistic health coach, myself! All of the transformations that Alessandra has guided me through are nothing short of incredible, and I would recommend her as a health coach to anyone looking to challenge what they currently accept as their “normal.” She has a magical way of making you see the world in a new light, and I feel so grateful to have had her as a coach and discovered her as a soul sister.Megan R.



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