- a custom program designed to unleash your superpowers, and launch you into a plant-based lifestyle!


Hey! It's Alessandra, your Superhero Sidekick!

Since you're here right now, I'm sure you've been eyeing the plant-based lifestyle. You've identified that being plant-based is such an abundant and fulfilling way to live, and you're ready to learn more and jump in! Plant-based foods give you the health and energy you need to feel confident and show up as the best version of yourself every single day. Plant-based foods give you the foundation you need to be the superhero you truly are. Are you ready to unleash your superpowers? Let's get started!

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I've identified three common struggles that people face when transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

#1 Will I get all of the nutrients I need?

How do I avoid being a "junk food vegan"? There are many different plant-based dietary theories: high carb, vegan paleo, raw, fruitarian, macrobiotic. Which one is right for me?

#2 How do I cook? And what do I even cook?

What sort of meals can I make that are easy and satisfying? Where do I get the ingredients? How can I create a satisfying meal plan? How can I make sure to get a variety of foods in my diet?

#3 What do I do about the social aspect?

What do I do in social situations? How do I explain my plant-based diet to my family and friends? How can I eat out at restaurants? What do I do when I travel?


As your sidekick, I'm here to help you go plant-based your way! Together, we'll create a plant-based diet that works for your specific needs. I'll help you navigate through the different dietary theories, learn how to cook simple and delicious meals, and become a shining example of health for your friends, family, and community. Through accountabiliy and action, we'll get you living the plant-based life in no time!


What you'll get:

  • Four 50 minute coaching sessions (one session per week for one month)
  • Unlimited email and text correspondence in-between sessions
  • Homework and reading assignments to keep you focused and growing
  • Session notes and personalized action plans
  • A custom plant-based meal plan that works for you
  • Freedom to share anything you want
  • Guidance, support, and accountability

Outcomes of the program:

  • Getting crystal clear on the vision you have for you new plant-based lifestyle
  • Identifying the "why" behind your decision to go plant-based
  • Learning to listen to your body and identify which plant-based foods and lifestyle habits work for you
  • Learning how to cook plant-based meals that are nourishing and satisfying
  • Learning how to expand your network in the plant-based community
  • Feeling comfortable being plant-based in social situaitons
  • Setting goals and taking consistent daily action to make your vision into a reality

How it works:

  • During your free 25-minute consultation, we review your health history and discuss your goals and interest in plant-based living
  • We meet for sessions via Skype or FaceTime every week
  • After each session, I send you session notes, your custom action plan, and readings/assignments
  • At half-way point and end of the program we reflect your plant-based journey and goals for the future

Why I Created This Program

Going plant-based changed my life! It gave me the health and energy I needed to become the absolute best and most confident version of myself. It brought me from a state of surving to a state of thriving! It got me feeling like a superhero! That is why I'm so passionate about sharing the plant-based lifestyle with others. Plant-based foods are fuel for your superpowers. Fueling yourself properly is the first step in living your dream life. You need that proper superhero foundation to feel healthy, energized, and confident, so you can live a life of purpose, abundance, and fun.

I've been plant-based for about a decade now, and I'm Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. There are so many things I wish I knew when I started this plant-based journey, and that's why I'm here to be your sidekick and support you! Are you ready to become the superhero you truly are? Over the next month, we'll work together to unleash your superpowers the plant-based way! Let's get started now! Because the world needs your superpowers!



Book a free consultation with me to review your health history and goals, and discuss the 1 Month Superhero Lifestyle Launch. Get excited to learn about what's possible for you once you unleash your superpowers!