How it all began...

My story started in my early years, probably similar to yours. I grew up on standard North American diet, eating a lot of processed food, and and in my teens, I began struggling with stomach pains and disordered eating. By my early 20s, I had started business school and was working toward a career in corporate finance. I started to become interested in nutrition at that point, but I still wasn’t exactly living healthy lifestyle. I was moving at such a fast pace, I was relying on stimulants to get through the day, I was addicted to over-exercising, I was partying a lot, I wasn’t sleeping enough, and I didn’t know anything about mindfulness.

Around that time, I had an accident and fractured my spine. With the combination my unhealthy lifestyle and the stress I experienced from school and the accident, I eventually experienced burnout. I then decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, thinking that if I did different work maybe something would change. But with my lifestyle habits that remained, I burnt myself out as an entrepreneur too! It felt as though my body was shutting down. I hardly had enough energy to move. I had all of these exciting ideas for my life, and I so desperately wanted to take action on them. But I did not have the energy or vitality I needed to bring them to life. I was extremely fatigued; I was bloated all the time; I had horrible gut health, digestion issues, and brain fog; my weight kept fluctuating; I had amenorrhea for over three years; I experienced insomnia and anxiety; and I broke out in severe acne all over my face.


I felt so stuck. And so confused. I tried everything I could to regain my energy and improve my health. I spent hours and hours researching nutrition, wellness, mindfulness, yoga, and holistic healing. When I learned about the healing benefits of the plant-based diet, I knew it was something I had to explore further, so I enrolled in Cornell’s Plant-Based Nutrition Program. I then wanted to learn about how to implement this research into daily life, form healthy habits, and make sustainable lifestyle changes. This desire led me to become a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Soon after, I also enrolled in a yoga teacher training because I realized how important presence and mindfulness is for our well-being.

With all that I’ve learned, and with help from coaches and mentors along the along the way, I’ve been able to regain my energy and vitality. I now fuel my body with whole, nutrient-dense plant-based foods that energize me.

Sustainable energy is a product of more than just healthy food alone though.

In fact, I’ve gone through periods of my life where I was eating extremely clean food, but not feeling energized due to negative stress from other areas of my life. I now also nourish myself with what I call “lifestyle fuel”: the lifestyle factors that fuel our energy. These include the areas of exercise, relationships, career, rest, play, and mindset. Nutrient dense foods and “lifestyle fuel” work synergistically to create our state of wellbeing.

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you’re feeling overwhelmed. I am a reminder that it doesn’t have to be forever though; it absolutely does not! I know that life can seem hard when you have low energy and are struggling with your health. But I’m here to let you know that regaining your vitality can be so much easier than you think.

Going at full speed without proper fuel is an equation for burnout. Cultivating sustainable energy, and achieving optimal health is simply a product getting the right fuel from both holistic lifestyle factors and nutrient-dense foods.

Are you ready to finally change your life? It can’t be done with coffee or energy drinks, but it can be done by making a choice to finally look at your life holistically.

Whenever you feel frustrated about your energy levels, weight, digestion, or skin... pause and take a deep breath. What is the fear behind these frustrations? Is it that you won’t have enough energy to launch your business? Or that you’ll be too tired to even enjoy your successes? Or maybe it’s that you’ll gain weight? Or be bloated and feel uncomfortable in social situations? If you acknowledge whatever fears you have, you’ll realize they most likely won’t even come true. You can decide to let them go, and to choose nourishment instead. When you’re fully nourished, you’ll feel confident, energized, and vibrant. And as you focus on nourishing yourself and trusting in the process, your fears will naturally fall away anyway.

Know that you’re not alone on this journey, and I’m so happy to be here for YOU. You are worthy of feeling energized, healthy, and alive. We all are. And that’s why I’m so excited to share with you the information, inspiration, tips, and tools that you need to efficiently and effectively nourish yourself every single day. I’m here to help optimize your energy, health, and happines, so that you feel amazing in your body, emobdy true confidence, and live a life you absolutely love!

My mission is to help you thrive!


Alessandra Cardin


Are you ready to optimize your energy, health, and happiness?
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