How it all began...

My story started in my early years. I grew up on standard North American diet, eating a lot of processed food. Things changed in eighth grade, though, when I happened to be assigned the vegetarian side of a class debate. This led me to discover plant-based nutrition… and long story short, I argued myself into going vegan! I am so grateful to have discovered the power of whole plant foods at such a young age.

In my teens, I gradually shifted my diet. As I began eating more whole plant-based foods, I found myself feeling better and better. Growing up on a processed food diet, I didn’t even know good my body was designed to feel. I didn’t know what it meant to thrive! As I transitioned to a whole food, plant-based diet, I found that my energy increased, I felt stronger, my digestion improved, and I had better focus and mental clarity. My family even noticed a difference in me too! My brother would joke that I had gained “vegan superpowers”. And it really did feel like I unleashed some superpowers I didn’t even know I had. I became extremely passionate about plant-based nutrition, and I wanted everyone around me to learn how to fuel their superpowers too!

By my early 20s, I had started business school and was working toward a career in corporate finance. Getting into business school was extremely exciting for me! I felt that nourishing myself with whole plant-based foods helped me to achieve this. Proper nutrition gave me the sustainable energy and mental clarity (the superpowers!) that I needed to work long hours and study for exams.

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When I had just started school, I had been convinced that I was living a perfectly healthy life because I was eating a lot of whole plant-based foods. But in all truthfulness, I wasn’t exactly taking care of myself as well as I could’ve been - I was rushing through my days, I was drinking a lot with my classmates, and I definitely wasn't getting the rest I needed. Around that time, it felt like the universe gave me a big time out! I had an unexpected accident that left me with a fractured spine. This accident was a HUGE wakeup call!

I was moving through my life at such a fast pace, never pausing to reflect on my path. Taking a year off of school to recover from my broken back gave me the space I needed to reflect. I realized how much I was living based on societal expectations. Was the career that I had been working so hard for really something that I wanted? Was this “work hard, play hard” party lifestyle really my truth?

I started feeling unsure about my career in finance, but I knew that I was extremely passionate about nutrition. I decided to take a leap of faith and enroll in Cornell’s online Plant-Based Nutrition Program. It was perfect for me because I could study online at my at my own pace as my spine was healing. Inspired to share what I was learning, I started food blogging, and making plant-based snacks for local farmers markets and restaurants as well. Through social media, I also began to discover other health enthusiasts. Having this online community was a big help as I transitioned to a more holistic lifestyle.


The physical injury was definitely a shock to my system. But as someone who was used to exercising a lot, working too much, and living for parties on the weekend - having to lay in bed all day was huge mental shock as well! I fell into a deep depression after the accident. My health was suffering, and I felt anxious all the time. With all of the stress I was experiencing, I developed horrible gut health and digestion issues, I lost my period for over three years, I broke out in painful acne all over my face, I experienced brain fog and could not focus at all, my weight would fluctuate a lot, and I developed chronic fatigue and insomnia.

My spine ended up healing very well - something which I am so incredibly grateful for. But after my bones healing, all of my other health issues still remained… FOR YEARS! I was so burned out, and it felt as though my body was shutting down. I had all of these exciting ideas for my life, and I so desperately wanted to take action on them. But I did not have the energy or vitality I needed to bring them to life. I tried everything I could to improve my health. Desparate to regain my vitality, I spent hours and hours researching nutrition, wellness, mindfulness, yoga, and holistic healing.

From the online wellness communities that I had accessed through social media, I was learning more about holistic living, and how to make sustainable lifestyle changes. I came across many blogs by graduates of the The Institute for Integrative Nutrition . From them, I learned a lot about how health is about more than your diet alone. Being so passionate about nutrition, I found myself trying to fix my health issues with food alone. Although a healthy diet makes an enormous difference, I started to realize how important having a holisitc lifestyle is too. Wanting to learn more, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and became a Certified Health Coach. Soon after, I also enrolled in a yoga teacher training program because I had realized how important mindfulness is for our well-being.


With all that I’ve learned, and with the help from coaches and mentors along the way, I’ve been able to regain my energy and vitality. I now fuel my superpowers with both whole plant-based foods, and with what I call “Lifestyle Fuel" - the lifestyle factors that fuel our energy. This includes the areas of exercise, relationships, career, rest, play, and mindset. Nutrient dense foods and "Lifestyle Fuel" work synergistically to create our state of wellbeing.

As I fueled properly, and my life became more balanced, I found that all of those health ailments I was experiencing started to vanish. My energy and mood improved, my skin cleared up, my digestive system started to work optimally once again, and I regained the vitality I need to really enjoy life! I am so grateful that I’ve been able to regain my health - to regain my superpowers once again! I’m now here to help you unleash your superpowers too!

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you’re feeling overwhelmed about your health. I know I sure was when I spent hours researching what to eat, how to fix my gut health, how to clear up my skin, how to get better sleep, and so on (you know, the whole Google/YouTube hole thing)! I am a reminder that these health issues you’re experiencing don’t have to be with you forever though. I know that life can seem hard when you have low energy and are struggling with your health. But I’m here to let you know that regaining your vitality can be so much easier than you think. Cultivating sustainable energy, and achieving optimal health is simply a product getting the right fuel from both nutrient-dense foods and "Lifestyle Fuel".


Are you ready to finally improve your health and gain the energy and vitality you’ve been looking for? It can’t be done with energy drinks, fad diets, or the latest health hack, but it can be done by making a choice to finally look at your life holistically.

Whenever you feel frustrated about your energy levels, weight, digestion, skin, or whatever health issue it may be for you... pause and take a deep breath. What is the fear behind these frustrations? Is it that you won’t have enough energy to take action on that dream of yours? Or that you’ll be too tired to even enjoy your successes? Or maybe it’s that you’ll forever be uncomfortable with your body? If you acknowledge whatever fears you have, you can identify that those fears are just a story. You can let that story go, and choose an empowering story instead. Choose nourish yourself. Choose to fuel yourself - fully and authentically. When you’re fully nourished, you’ll feel confident, energized, and vibrant. And as you focus on nourishing yourself and trusting in the process, any fear-based stories you were holding onto will naturally fall away anyway.

Know that you’re not alone on this journey, and I’m so happy to be here for YOU. You are worthy of feeling energized, healthy, and alive. We all are. And that’s why I’m so excited to share with you the information, inspiration, tips, and tools that you need to efficiently and effectively nourish yourself every single day. I’m here to help optimize your energy, health, and happiness, so that you can feel amazing in your body, embody true confidence, and live a life you absolutely love!

I’m here to help you fuel your superpowers! I’m here to help you thrive!


Alessandra Cardin


Are you ready to optimize your energy, health, and happiness?
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