Proactive Mental Health with Susannah Bell

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“We all have mental health - If you have a mind, then you have mental health.” - Susannah Bell

This episode is a conversation with Susannah Bell, a wellness coach, mental health advocate, entrepreneur, digital nomad, and world traveller. She is an extremely passionate person who truly lives her mission. She advocates for proactive mental health, and shares tons of valuable and inspirational content through her social media pages and blog. In this episode with Susannah, you’ll learn how to manage anxiety as an entrepreneur, how to stay healthy while travelling, how to find balance while achieving your career goals, how to put yourself out there and make new likeminded friends, and so much more! 

What really stands out about this conversation is how Susannah discusses the difference between reactive and proactive mental health. Mental health is something that we all have. Susannah explains that you don’t have to have mental illness to have mental health, and that every single human has mental health because we all have minds. Just as we take care of our physical health proactively through nutrition and fitness so that we don’t become ill, we need to take care of our mental health proactively as well. In this episode, Susannah shares many great examples of daily proactive mental health practices.

Discussed in this episode:
• Susanah’s wellness journey, and how she came to realize that health is about more than fitness alone
• Susannah’s experience living in Thailand, and how her travel lifestyle sparked her interest in home-workouts and nutrition 
• How Susannah became a wellness coach
• How our mind and our body and our spirit all work together
• Susannah’s adventures in Australia
• Susannah’s experience with mental health and involvement with One Wave
• The power of vulnerability and why it’s important to be honest about your struggles
• The importance of gratitude and appreciation for the small things in life
• How entrepreneurs can take care of themselves and reduce their anxiety levels
• How to start a meditation practice
• How physical activity impacts mental health
• The importance of community and connection
• The value of talk therapy
• Why we should take care of our mental health proactively rather than reactively
• How to ask for help when you need it
• How social media affects our mental health
• How to make new friends and surround yourself with a positive people
• Why we need to normalize the conversation about mental health
• How to live your truth and live in alignment with your passions 

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