Art, Healing, & Entrepreneurship With Alexia Bréard-Anderson


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Alexia Bréard-Anderson is a freelance writer, curator, and art-worker. She’s an active member of the arts community in Toronto, and will be relocating to Barcelona this month. Her latest project, The Art Bruja, is dedicated to exploring the ways in which different art is woven together with magic and spirituality to resist, reclaim, and regenerate. In our conversation, we discuss how art is a form of healing and can be used for cultivating mindfulness and wellbeing. Alexia also shares about her personal journey with art, wellness, and entrepreneurship. She is a mentor for emerging artists, and she shares a lot of wisdom that can be applied to anyone’s life journey. Alexia is a passionate, creative, soulful individual who is not afraid to break norms. This conversation is raw and inspiring, and I’m sure you’re going to get a lot out of it.

Let me know in the comments what your biggest takeaways from this episode were!

Discussed in this episode:
Why Alexia started The Art Bruja
• How art can be used to create social change, and for healing and cultivating mindfulness and wellbeing
• What artist Marina Faw shared with Alexia about how art is a form of healing and what it means to be a political artist
• How healing doesn’t necessarily have to be shared with big audience
• Why self-care is selfless, not selfish
• The value in breaking out of your industry bubble and understanding different perspectives
• The importance of human connection, and how to use online platforms in a beneficial and empowering way
• The value in having a “social media detox” and the importance of safety online
• How to come back from burnout
• When vulnerability is good and why having an intention behind what you share is so important
• Alexia’s journey with quitting cigarettes
• The benefits of having a more minimalist approach to life
• Why it’s important to understand your limits and creative cycles
• What bio-individuality is and why you should keep this concept in mind when receiving mentorship
• How consistency and flexibility can coexist on the entrepreneurial journey
• How looking within and healing our minds, bodies, and souls, help us align ourselves in all areas of life
• How The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s theory of Primary and Secondary Food helped Alexia
• Alexia’s perspective on breaking free from the capitalist consumer 9-5 norms and embracing bio-individuality in business and work style
• Alexia’s advice for young artists
• How to live from intention and not fear, and the difference between intuition and fear

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