Plant-Based Living & Sustainability With Megan Glover

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Megan Glover is an environmentalist, photographer, certified health coach, and entrepreneur. In this episode, she shares about her personal wellness journey, how she became an environmental photographer, how to use Instagram as a tool to make a positive impact, and how the plant-based diet positively impacts the environment. She shares a lot of information about the current state of the oceans, and talks about how to effectively communicate as an environmental advocate. On top of this, she shares about some of her epic adventures, such as moving to Hawaii and going to photo trips in the Yukon and Alaska, and gives her tips for how to stay healthy while travelling - even if you’re camping, backpacking, or living out of a van! This episode is fun and informative, and I know you’re going to love it!

Discussed in this episode:
• 1:45: How Megan became interested in wellness and why she decided to become a health coach
• 2:30: Why Megan went vegan, and how best to transition to the vegan lifestyle
• 4:20: The Integrative Nutrition concepts of “Bio-individuality” and Primary Food”, and how they’ve impacted Megan’s life
• 6:50: How Megan changed her career path multiple times, and how to know when to pivot
• 7:45: The difference between intuition and fear
• 12:20: How to reframe envy as inspiration
• 13:30: Who Megan’s biggest inspirations are
• 15:30: How to use Instagram in the most effective way to communicate a positive and impactful message
• 18:25: Megan’s experience moving to Hawaii
• 19:35: Megan’s experience climbing the Stairway to Heaven
• 22:45: Megan’s adventures in Newfoundland, Yukon, Alaska, and Alberta
• 25:45: How to stay healthy while backpacking, camping, and living out of a car
• 26:55: Tips for sleeping well while traveling
• 30:00: Megan’s system for eating the cheapest and best foods while travelling, backpacking, and living out of a car
• 33:20: How the plant-based diet positively impacts the environment, and specifically ocean
• 34:30: What animal agriculture does to the environment
• 35:40: What ocean dead zones are and how the health of the ocean impacts human health
• 38:20: The top three sustainability-related messages that Megan would want every person on the planet to know
• 42:45: How to communicate effectively as an environmental advocate
• 43:45: How one person can start a massive positive ripple effect
• 45:20: How to stay healthy as an entrepreneur and Megan’s favorite simple meal ideas

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