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Art, Healing, & Entrepreneurship With Alexia Bréard-Anderson

Alexia Bréard-Anderson is a freelance writer, curator, and art-worker. In our conversation, we discuss how art is a form of healing and can be used for cultivating mindfulness and wellbeing. Alexia also shares about her personal journey with art, wellness, and entrepreneurship. She is a mentor for emerging artists, and she shares a lot of wisdom that can be applied to anyone’s life journey.

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Break Free From Living on Autopilot with Sarah Osman

This episode is a conversation with Kinesiologist and Health Coach, Sara Osman. She gives her insights on how to follow your intuition and how to break free from living on autopilot, so you can truly life to the fullest. Sarah also shares about the importance of self-care, how to form sustainable habits, why coaching is extremely powerful, and so much more!

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